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We have over 20 years experience in all aspects of property transactions including residential, commercial, retail, and new developments.

There has always been a desperate need for an efficient and transparent system for identifying people in the business and how you find them.

Houses Australia combines Web technology and industry experience as an efficient means of delivering relevant information and anyone who deals and associate in property. 

Imagine being able to access the property market, professional services and trades people easily and efficiently without wasting valuable time just by clicking. It's simple.

Our unique alerts process allows buyers/sellers to be kept up to date. These alerts are by suburb, street name. You decide. 

Our Classifieds section allows you to find businesses and trades people by suburb, postcode and name.

Our Agents section allows you to find agents by name, suburb and postcode. The days of not remembering an agents name are gone. Type its name and all the relevant details will appear. If he/she does not appear is because he is not registered under House Australia website.

Our Residential, Commercial, Auction, Luxury and Lifestyle, New Developments sections will allow you to search by street name, price, waterfront, new developments, industrial, retail, rural, coastal. It's great. You will have fun while accessing these information. View floor plans, contracts, sewer diagrams, virtual and video tours and voice overs. The list goes on.

We welcome and value your feedback in all aspects.

At Houses Australia we do not just want to make it better.
We want to make it a perfect tool for others to follow.

So please email us with your comments at

Once you register and complete all mandatory information, your application will be submitted to Houses Australia  for subscription activation.
Once approved, your properties under your agency will be live instantly.

We will validate your details to ensure that you are actively trading. We may also conduct a search to verify your agency information ( Agents only ).

Our user-friendly system ensures that property can be placed rapidly and easily. The system is intuitive so you don't have to be a computer expert to use this service. Houses Australia website is a simple but powerful web-based application and we will supply any training if required. We recommend that each agency appoints one or two authorized users.

We made it so simple it is not funny. Bookmark this page as the competitors will no doubt will keep track of how we do things at Houses Australia and make them happen at the same time.

Keep watching this site. You cannot imagine what is coming. But we can tell you, we invented it.

As we say at Houses Australia - this site will one day become your only property portal.

“This is truly a real estate agents website and those who deal in property. This is your portal“. 

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