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By applying to be registered as a member of (“HousesAustralia”) you signify your acceptance of, and agreement to, all of the terms and conditions set out on the HousesAustralia website which are the terms and conditions on which HousesAustralia will permit you access to and use the services on its website. This Privacy Policy forms part of those terms and conditions and it is therefore imperative that you read it carefully before you submit your application for membership.

HousesAustralia may at its discretion change the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting notice of any such change appropriately on the HousesAustralia website. If we do so, any such changes will be incorporated into the Privacy Policy once a period of thirty (30) days has elapsed from the date of posting and your continued membership of HousesAustralia after the expiry of that period will signify your consent to being bound by the changes.

In applying for membership and by accepting the terms of this Policy you acknowledge that it will be necessary as part of the normal operation of the HousesAustralia service that we will collect information about you and that we will use that information and in some cases disclose it to third parties. Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy as part of the terms and conditions of HousesAustralia membership carries with it your express permission and consent for us to use and disclose your personal information as set out in the Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of your Information
HousesAustralia will only collect such personal information of yours as is reasonably necessary to enable efficient provision of the services HousesAustralia offers to its membership. In order to fully participate as a member of HousesAustralia you will need to provide us with certain pieces of personal information about yourself. The information about you that HousesAustralia may be used in accordance with this Policy is that provided on the first page of the HousesAustralia membership Registration Form, but excluding the Authentication Details.

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